I continue to think about this subject. Unforgiveness is one of the major hindrances that can hinder your healing. Listen to what Jesus says in Mark 11:25-26. "And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him and [let it drop](leave it, let it go), in order that your Father who is in heaven may also forgive you your [own] failings and shortcomings and let them drop. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your failings and shortcomings." Happy New Year 2011, I still think this an important message! A quote by Author: Tami Hoag 2007... What purpose does it serve to hold that anger? What good does it do? Hatred is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die of it."

An Opinion... Isn't it amazing that almost everyone has an opinion to offer about the bible (as well as other subjects), and yet so few have studied it (or the subject)? R. C. Sproul, If only one would read before speaking, they would not look so foolish. Yet, I don't want to get in anyone's face... so I keep dropping hints. Does it help? I hope so...)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/19

Update... 6:12 p.m.   call from hospital, going to be at the hospital in the surgical area at 8:45 tomorrow, and will be taken back between 9:00 - 9:30 a.m.  Thank you for your prayers and caring! 

Right kidney biopsy tomorrow.  I am still waiting for the hospital to call with the time needed to check in. Gloria (sister) won't be able to go with me tomorrow, Allen has an appointment with his Oncologist tomorrow in Wenatchee (opposite direction from Royal City as I am going).  My plan is to get up really early tomorrow, pack up and drive over to the hospital in Richland. 

The doctor mentioned  my procedure would be second on his surgery list, so whatever time the nurse calls me with... it will be early.  Since the registration information listed me as an inpatient, guess I better take a change of clothes and a book.  

If this is like the last biopsy, it will be about ten days before I hear any results.  Again, I am working on patience.  The strange thing is that I am not all stressed out about this procedure either.  I am not taking any of this lightly, but neither am I on overload emotionally.  I feel that my prayers for comfort and courage are being answered.

Our weather is turning colder, 31 degrees this morning with frost on the cars.  Anyone can tell you that I am a person who does not like to wear shoes.  I am very comfortable in flip flops, using thick soles in the winter to walk on top the ice or snow.  But, with my diabetes, and the last year I have such cold feet.  Enclosing my feet in socks and shoes really bothers me (slight claustrophobia).  Guess I better get used to it, as I don't want to add getting sick with virus conditions on top of everything else.   This is just the beginning for my being on the winter roads.  Shoes are the better option for me just in case of a car break down on ice or snow. 

Tis easy enough to be pleasant, when life flows like a song.  But the man worthwhile in the one who will smile when everything goes wrong.  (by Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

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  1. keep those feet warm!!! will be praying tomorrow xoxo jaime