I continue to think about this subject. Unforgiveness is one of the major hindrances that can hinder your healing. Listen to what Jesus says in Mark 11:25-26. "And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him and [let it drop](leave it, let it go), in order that your Father who is in heaven may also forgive you your [own] failings and shortcomings and let them drop. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your failings and shortcomings." Happy New Year 2011, I still think this an important message! A quote by Author: Tami Hoag 2007... What purpose does it serve to hold that anger? What good does it do? Hatred is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die of it."

An Opinion... Isn't it amazing that almost everyone has an opinion to offer about the bible (as well as other subjects), and yet so few have studied it (or the subject)? R. C. Sproul, If only one would read before speaking, they would not look so foolish. Yet, I don't want to get in anyone's face... so I keep dropping hints. Does it help? I hope so...)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


On Friday I was pacing the floor, waiting for a phone call from the doctor.  I decided to drive to the Tri Cities, the church (World Life Christian Center in Pasco [Tri Cities]) is having a conference this week.  I didn't think I would be able to attend due to my proposed appointments and Allen's surgery.  As it turns out the wait on my appointments worked out so that I could attend Friday and Saturday night conference.  This conference was days filled with wonderful music, and speakers who were faithful as well as entertaining.  This was what I needed... encouragement!  Friday night was great, visited with people I had not seen in a while, and my mind  was on faith, healing prayer and not on "waiting" for the doctor to call.

Football... Colt's grid kid team.
Saturday a.m.  first Colts football game of the 2010 season in Kennewick (Tri Cities).  I love watching Brandon play football.  He is so focused, fast on his feet and knows the game.  Not sure how many of his games I am going to be able to attend, I made sure to attend this one.  It was a close game with Brandon getting a touchdown, blocks, etc. as well as a gashed finger, and bruised & scraped arm.  The games will be on DVD, courtesy of his parents, so I will get to watch the other games from home.   I like re-runs so it won't matter that I already know who wins the game.  I felt so great, after the game Brandon actually didn't mind being seen taking a picture with me, and he introduced me to his friends.  So... another great diversion to the "waiting game."

Stayed another day in Tri Cities and went last night (Saturday) to the WLCC conference again.  Drove back to Royal City this morning.  Thought I lost my cell phone and panic set in... how can the doctor call me with my proposed biopsy day/time if I don't have my phone... after a search located it and now I wait... again.  I hope that the training I am going thru right now will help be become the docile, patient person I always strived to be.  Okay, all of you who know me stop laughing NOW! 

The rest of this coming week will be "in transit" between Royal City, Wenatchee and hopfully going back to Tri Cities for a biopsy.

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