I continue to think about this subject. Unforgiveness is one of the major hindrances that can hinder your healing. Listen to what Jesus says in Mark 11:25-26. "And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him and [let it drop](leave it, let it go), in order that your Father who is in heaven may also forgive you your [own] failings and shortcomings and let them drop. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your failings and shortcomings." Happy New Year 2011, I still think this an important message! A quote by Author: Tami Hoag 2007... What purpose does it serve to hold that anger? What good does it do? Hatred is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die of it."

An Opinion... Isn't it amazing that almost everyone has an opinion to offer about the bible (as well as other subjects), and yet so few have studied it (or the subject)? R. C. Sproul, If only one would read before speaking, they would not look so foolish. Yet, I don't want to get in anyone's face... so I keep dropping hints. Does it help? I hope so...)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Trip to Oncologist...

Yes, the day began early... but clear weather, no rain or snow, in the 20's; yet, sun came out and the day was in the high 40's (maybe even low 50's)!  Not quite beach weather, but... This was nice for the drive and time in and out of a car while going to appointments, and running errands.  I am so ready to put an "all points bulletin" out for Spring.

I have to back up and say "I'm sorry" for stating that I thought the doctor's visit would be for nothing, and a waste of money for the day.  Just because I assume that there is not a need for an appointment, doesn't mean there isn't.  I spoke with my doctor about this issue, and he explained the behind the scenes issues.  With that said, I did learn during my appointment that I would now be officially diagnosed as chronic kidney disease.  This is due to the low GFR numbers I have had for several months.  For this reason, I have to do pretreatment before any CT.  The reason for pretreatment is that this scan, and preparations around it, will be hard on my kidney (right one with the cancer in it).  I have to take pills the day before and day of the CT, drink radioactive contrast the morning of  the CT, and after the CT go in for an IV to help my system flush the contrast out.  The doctor is looking for any size difference in the mass within the kidney, and the mass around the renal artery.  I wonder if the CT scan will show any size difference of my waist and hips?  Ha ha, like a reduction there is going to happen. 

On other issues... my lips have been very sensitive.  When concentrating, or under stress, I have always chewed on my lips.  Well, with this bleeding disorder I have to somehow stop this lifelong practice.  My bottom lip, on the inside, is like a blood blister.  Then my cheeks have been swelling, and I keep biting the inside of my cheeks.  They are a mess too.  So, this morning I took a Benedryl thinking that with my cough, and the swelling, maybe an allergic reaction?  Shortly after taking the Benedryl I stopped wheezing and my cheeks are less swollen.  During chemo the doctor prescribes for me a large dose of Benedryl.  This time of the year I always begin allergies which puts a stress on my body, and that's when asthma kicks in.  I am going to try Benedryl for a few days and see what happens.  If I can get away from inhaling steroids, that would help my glucose numbers come down a bit.  And if steroids are puffing me up, well ... I don't need help adding another chin and hangover eyes. 

CT (Computed Tomography)

My scan will be similar, only the
right kidney will be much larger. 
The mass on the right renal artery
will show too.  From here the doctor
can look into the area and see the
mass, measure it, etc. 

Due to my glucose numbers being high, I have been increasing the insulin amount by one unit each day.  I am up to 36 units, and still in the 200's.  I have started a food log, watching everything consumed, and continue to increase the amount of insulin.  From what I hear, after completing chemo there will be a transition time adjusting insulin down as my glucose levels drop.  They will drop due to stopping the doses of steroids.  I also discovered that all of my numbers react to the amount of (legal) liquids consumed during the day.  Now, where is the weight loss?  Not fair! 

Three times now I have gone into get different prescriptions filled and find that the pharmacy does not carry what is needed.  Infact, again this time, I am told it is seldom requested medicine.  After many phone calls and standing in line(s) at more than one pharmacy, the medication needed for the CT scan was located.  A small independent pharmacy that has been across from the hospital for decades had what I needed.  Another surprise, it is not covered by my insurance.  Fortunately the cost was minimal. This is happening to many.  When standing in line to wait my turn, I continue to hear "What!?" People questioning why they owe so much to the pharmacy.  I felt sorry for the clerks.  They continued to advise people to call their insurance company.  Times are getting harder on anything to do with medical.
Before heading back to Royal City Gloria and I went to eat.  My family has always given me (in humor) a bad time about my addiction to the carbonation in diet cola.  If the stuff doesn't have bubbles, why drink it?  Anyway, my sister and I started laughing when we heard the lady in the next booth.  She was complaining of the taste and lack of bubbles in her diet cola.  Gloria looked at me in disbelief, and we really tried to keep our noise down.  You know how it is when you should not be laughing, then cannot stop.  And everyone thought I was the only odd one when it came to bubbles in my drink.  If not poured in the glass, or onto prepared ice properly, the bubbles are popped.  That is wrong!  

Continuing on... we are driving on Hwy 395, just approaching the turn off to Hwy 17 (driving home) when Gloria startled me with a "turn into this area!"  So I, with a car right behind me, turn on a dime off the road and into a pull off area.  When realizing it was because she wanted a cigerette, I told her that she couldn't have one right then.  She would have to hurry and get out, bend over and play like she was sick.  Gloria looked at me like I was nuts, but I didn't want the car behind me thinking that my driving was stupid for no reason...  I guess that is better than mistaking an empty pop (diet cola) can for one I was drinking out of.  It wasn't, that can was being used for her butt's so that she would not litter.  Wow, that time was an eye opener!  She still laughs at me over that.  Our brains are on opposite ends of the scale, her with a brain flash and me with chemo brain. 

It doesn't stop there, the trip continues to prove interesting as well as entertaining.  We laughed a lot "after" realizing my oops! Pulled off the road to get some gas, then by the time I got parked something else was going thru my brain.  Parked infront of the store, not at the gas pumps and would have probably ended up in the store wondering why I was there.  Gloria saved me, and advised me that we were there to get gas, at the pumps.  After we were back on the road, the last leg of the trip on Hwy 26, I said..."the turn off sign to Moses Lake/Mesa has got to be soon, it seems like we have been on this road forever."  Knew I was in trouble then when realizing that we had left Hwy 395, already driven Hwy 17 and was now on Hwy 26 close to home.   Oh it is going to be a happy time after chemo and my brain wakes up.  Gloria likes to see me do this from time to time, so that she doesn't feel alone when she has her oops moments.  It takes so little to entertain me...

I ran into an acquaintance yesterday who immediately started her conversation with, "Oh Marie, I just heard the news! How are you feeling, and dealing with it, etc. etc." I have been replying to people with positive conversation, and that I have turned this over to the Lord. More conversation about how I am blessed with realizing that I need to embrace each day, not procrastinate and waste valuable time, interaction with those you care about, etc.  Remember... This is the day the Lord hath made... rejoice and be glad in it... (I put this in especially for you Gloria.  She likes this verse that mom quoted to us each morning as our wake up call.)

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