I continue to think about this subject. Unforgiveness is one of the major hindrances that can hinder your healing. Listen to what Jesus says in Mark 11:25-26. "And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him and [let it drop](leave it, let it go), in order that your Father who is in heaven may also forgive you your [own] failings and shortcomings and let them drop. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your failings and shortcomings." Happy New Year 2011, I still think this an important message! A quote by Author: Tami Hoag 2007... What purpose does it serve to hold that anger? What good does it do? Hatred is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die of it."

An Opinion... Isn't it amazing that almost everyone has an opinion to offer about the bible (as well as other subjects), and yet so few have studied it (or the subject)? R. C. Sproul, If only one would read before speaking, they would not look so foolish. Yet, I don't want to get in anyone's face... so I keep dropping hints. Does it help? I hope so...)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monday, 06/13

Up early and going to Kennewick for a MRI/contrast scan. I am so sore and drug out from the yard sale my sister and I had this weekend. Did I make a bunch of money? Well, comparing it to zero the amount was better than nothing if I hadn’t done the sale. Every little bit helps, and this week it was a "little" bit of money. You never know, sometimes it can be $100.00 or more.

Gloria taking the money...

Me, Marie...  putting stuff out.

The rain has really helped everything grow, including the weeds. But, the new growth is so welcome and wonderful to look at. Flowers are blooming, seedlings are coming up, berries are beginning to develop. Fresh cut grass smells so good, along with the clean air after a rain. Then the sun comes out and gives us a treat. I enjoy the wonders and beauty of it all.

In addition to going in for the MRI today, I went into Urgent Care. My primary doctor was full, and since I was already in Kennewick... ran over to Urgent Care to be seen. I would have put it off, but my sister, Gloria, is persistent. Glad she was... it seems I have an infection in my sinus’. And I thought it was allergies or asthma. From my low WBC, and all symptoms, the infection has been around for a couple of months or more. My Oncologist had my lungs x-ray a couple of months ago due to the cough, but said there was nothing. My primary doctor has listened to my lungs and said they were good. Neither considered it was an infection dripping down, rather than a problem coming up from the lungs. I am on medicine for that, hopefully the coughing, slight temp which keeps me worn down, etc. will go away now.

I have to get a copy of my birth certificate made for my apartment application. While doing this, I will be making a copy for something I never thought would happen during my lifetime. Several states have passed laws, as well a counties within states... regarding proof of citizenship. With all of the security problems in the country right now, I understand the laws, but it is so sad to think we (America) has come to this. I also understand that officers must ask everyone for the same information, or else they will be charged with profiling! The new laws being passed, state by state, allow an officer to ask for proof of citizenship "when" contacted for other reasons. So, if I go on a trip and a county in the state I visit has this law... and I am asked for proof...where are the authorities going to place me if I don’t have it? Hmmmmmmmm


          Thursday, 06/16

Still have not heard anything from my Oncologist regarding the MRI/contrast scan. Part of "wait and watch" I guess.

Okay, I am going to admit this only one time, but in hindsight I have to laugh at what my sister and I almost did. Do you remember this past week, in the news, there was information about a solar storm? Gloria looked it up, and came to me a bit worried. We talked about the results of a solar storm and what was rumored it could do to electronic stuff. So, (mainly Gloria, ha ha) and I thought that maybe we should cover our computer towers and my lap top ... etc. with aluminum foil. We were going to ask the advice of our children, but figured that they would just add this to the information file to have us committed (ha ha), so didn’t call. Also, we did not use up the foil supply covering the electronic equipment. Gloria and I decided to take a risk and not be made fun of if all turned out okay, and if not, well..... and, no we are not making paperclip necklaces to protect us either, we are not that bad off. Really!

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